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You Win, America. We’ll Be Quiet Now
by Fake Americans posted over 1 year ago

Vintage postcards against women suffrage top

​Hi, America! It’s women. And Mexicans. And Muslims.  It’s Hillary, and Barack, Michelle, Sasha, Malia, Travon, Eric, and a lot of black people who aren’t your one black friend. He or she is alright and probably agrees with you but is too polite to say anything just like you’re too polite to ask. It’s gays. And trans people. And Jews and atheists. >> read more

Consent Laws Don’t Take Into Account That I’m A Super Nice Guy
by A Super Nice Guy posted over 3 years ago

Nice guy

I hate rape, but come on. Do we really need this stupid new California bill on campus policies that says we have to actually get “affirmative consent” to have sex? 

First I can’t tell you to smile and insist on carrying your grocery bags to your car, like the gentleman that I am, without being called “sexist.” >> read more

4 Tips For Proffering Your Dick Pics
by Emily A posted over 3 years ago

Dick pick article

So last week, the professional overreactors over at Jezebel outed some poor guy who just wanted to trade futures contracts on his couch and send pics of his wee wee to Tinder ladies. >> read more

It Happened To Me: I Was A Regular Human Woman Until Something Sort Of Bad Happened
by A Recent Mfa Grad posted over 3 years ago

Bathshebas it happend to me picture

Before the sort of bad thing happened, I believed that I was the kind of woman to whom sort of bad things didn’t happen. After all, I am clever, white, and a feminist, but not so much of a feminist that that it’s off-putting. Like, I’m just barely enough of a feminist to get published on this site, so please do not hold that against me in the comments. >> read more

Justice Antonin Scalia: Look, I’ve Seen The Women Who Work At Hobby Lobby, And They Don’t Need Birth Control. You Know What I’m Saying?
by Emily A posted over 3 years ago


Today, a split Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that corporations should not be required to provide reproductive choice insurance for employees.

"Any suggestion that for-profit corporations are incapable of exercising religion because their purpose is simply to make money flies in the face of modern corporate law," wrote Justice Anthony Alito, adding, “plus those flat chested glitter twats still working at Hobby Lobby past the age of 24 probably wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway, amirite?” >> read more

Supreme Court Rules It Constitutional To Protest From Inside Abortion Seekers’ Uteri
by Emily A posted over 3 years ago


In Thursday’s landmark ruling, the Supreme Court voted unanimously in favor of protestors’ right to picket abortion from inside the uteri of abortion seeking women. While the court remains divided on the legality of abortion itself, justices can all agree on the first amendment right of abortion opponents to make their views heard from inside a woman’s body. >> read more

I Don’t Mean To Rub It In Or Anything, But I Totally Knew That Dog Attack Girl Was Faking It
by Every Blogger On The Internet posted over 3 years ago

Scary internet

I mean, I’m a blogger. Full time. I blog for a living in case you didn’t understand the first two sentences. And I got a degree in journalism from a college that costs more per year than most American families make at their jobs (Which I am super against, by the way, because, did I mention that I am Liberal? >> read more

Mike Huckabee Joins Ghost Of Martin Luther King Junior In Protest Of Gay Marriage
by Your Conservative Cousin, Steve posted over 3 years ago


Last Thursday at the conservative March for Marriage in Washington, D.C., Mike Huckabee, like a middle-aged, navy suited Jesus delivering a sermon on the mount, aligned himself with another progressive genius, Martin Luther King Jr. >> read more

“Hillary Clinton Slut Shamed A Child, And She’s Still Our Best Advocate,” Sigh Nation’s Exhausted Women
by Emily A posted over 3 years ago


For the past week, the Internet has messily ejaculated the story of Hillary Clinton’s successful 1975 defense of an alleged rapist across computer screens everywhere. >> read more

7 Things You Really Should’ve Done By The Time You Started Menstruating
by Sara M posted over 3 years ago


Catch your first crimson wave? It’s time to put your grandma panties on and grow the fetch up. If you haven’t already accomplished these things, your life is basically over and no one will ever love you, except that mangy cat no one else would adopt and that girl at Sephora who’s paid to feed on your insecurities. >> read more

S. C. Government Boldly Supports Marriage Equality, Freedom Of Speech By Penalizing L.G.B.T. Curricula
by Marie H posted over 3 years ago


In a daring move endorsing LGBT equality, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley Thursday upheld a state budgetary measure requiring two state-funded schools to make reparations for having assigned LGBT-themed works. >> read more

“I’m Not Going To Let Those Girls Saying I Sexually Assaulted Them Make Me Feel Guilty For Sexually Assaulting Them” Bravely Proclaims Millionaire Pervert Terry Richardson
by Emily A posted almost 4 years ago

Terry richardson 2011

While boring, bullshit pearl clutching granny mags like W and Vogue distance themselves from Terry Richardson after many women have come forward with their tales of sexual assault in photo shoots with the flannel shirted shutter God, New York Magazine proves that they’re an avant-garde, First Amendment rock-star party by publishing an article defending dick-swinging (no, literally, he swings his dick into models' faces while they’re attempting to pose for him) Uncle Ter. >> read more

Trans People Relieved To Learn They No Longer Exist
by Marie H posted almost 4 years ago


Hundreds of thousands of trans individuals across the country rejoice following the Southern Baptist Convention’s recent resolution denying the existence of trans people. >> read more

Travel Tips For American Gypsies In Europe: How To Recognize White People
by Jess R posted almost 4 years ago


If you’re a Gypsy here in the States, I don’t need to tell you about our home-grown racial profiling. The government has probably already taken you away from your Romani parents, or you’ve been bullied out of school, or you regularly lie about your ethnicity to prevent gadjé from catching on to you. >> read more

Forward Thinking Louisiana Governor Signs New Bill That Will Turn Women Into Brain Dead Baby Robots
by Emily A posted almost 4 years ago


Today in scientific uterus legislation news, future-minded Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal is expected to sign a new bill into law that would require brain dead pregnant women to carry their fetuses to term with or without grieving family’s consent. >> read more

Do You Mind If We Ruin This Movie For You?: Edge Of Tomorrow
by Sara M posted almost 4 years ago


Just as I was beginning to worry that no summer action flick would ever pass the Bechdel test, Known Feminist Tom Cruise has promised me sweet solace with his latest release, Edge of Tomorrow, >> read more

Finally, Rick Perry Understands My Addiction To Cock
by Thad Longman posted almost 4 years ago


SOBAG: Speaking on Behalf of All Gays

When I saw the headline this morning about Rick Perry comparing homosexuality to alcoholism, I was steeling myself for the worst. >> read more

Adolescent Girls Increasingly Looking Forward To Their Perfect Rapes
by Emily A posted almost 4 years ago


With increasing pressure on authorities and universities to prosecute what George Will succinctly deems “capacious” rapes and sexual assaults, little girls across the country have begun to look forward to the dearth of advantages that will come with their statistically probable rapes. >> read more

Quiz: Are You A Feminist?
by Emily A posted almost 4 years ago

>> read more

Super Rich Football Player Further Blessed By God With The Honor Of Having Had Naked Woman Nearly Die In His Bed
by Emily A posted almost 4 years ago


San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was gracious enough to say a few words to fans, the media, and that big Niner in the sky, Jesus Christ, at a California prayer breakfast on Friday morning: >> read more